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Your financial contribution to MITES helps intellectually curious, highly motivated students from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds pursue their dreams—and gives them the rocket fuel to realize them. Your support provides life-changing experiences, builds critical skills and confidence, prepares students for college, and goes a long way toward making STEM disciplines more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 
The best thing about MITES is that you don’t have to ask your parents for money to come here. And that really is what makes this a special and impactful program.

I don’t know what amount of money my parents could have paid to send me here. Luckily, I didn’t have to find out because it was sponsored by the Institute, and the alumni and people who give to the program, and I think that’s very important.”

Kow Atta-Mensah

MITES ’99, Ghana and Central Valley, CA

MITES alumnus and donor Kow Atta-Mensah

MITES can’t do it without you. 

While an integral part of MIT, MITES is responsible for raising 50% of its yearly budget. The balance each year is provided by MITES and MIT alumni, foundations, and corporations who understand the pressing need that MITES programs fulfill—and the lasting positive impact our programs have on young lives.

Our programs are free of cost to families. Your gift enables us to provide room and board, hire staff, and ensure that students have the necessary tools and technology to get the most out of our residential and hybrid programs.


Increased support = increased impact 

MITES attracts thousands of applications each year from talented students for whom our programs would make a significant, positive difference—paving their way to successful college and STEM careers. But we can only accept 12% of these students. With additional support, we can increase our capacity, serve more students, and have a greater impact—for individual students, corporations and research institutions, and the world.

Catalyzing change in STEM—and building a more equitable, representative future 

MITES is committed to fostering a workforce in STEM that reflects the world: diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences make for better decision-making and spur innovation. But this change won’t happen by itself. Our programs provide students unique environments where they can learn from program leaders, staff, and peers whose backgrounds and experiences mirror their own. Our graduates, year by year, are changing the face and culture of STEM fields. MITES, with your support, is an essential change agent.


Be part of our inclusive, accomplished, supportive community 

It’s not rare for alumni of our programs to credit MITES with changing their life stories. They talk about how MITES helped them prepare for and be accepted by a highly selective college—and develop the self-assurance, perseverance, and knowledge needed to attain leadership roles. Each year, our graduates join a close-knit corps of successful, innovative, and mutually supportive alumni who are a force for progress—and good. We welcome you into this vibrant community.

Support the transformative experiences of our students.

Your contribution helps ensure we can serve many more scholars and build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive STEM fields.

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