SEED Academy alum volunteers, prepares for med school at Bucknell

Breeze Victor (SEED ’10) volunteers with Bucknell Brigade, a group that provides humanitarian relief to a hurricane-ravaged area of Nicaragua

Entering John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in fall 2006, Breeze Victor was a bright student who was uncertain of his direction but hungry for a challenge. Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery (SEED) Academy, which he heard about from a friend, presented him with that challenge.

“The [SEED Academy] curriculum was very vigorous, which helped me stay focused in school,” Breeze says. He participated in SEED for seven semesters from the spring of his freshman year through the spring of his senior year.

Breeze’s intense focus helped lead to his acceptance to Bucknell University, where he is a junior studying Biology. Outside of the classroom, he works with Bucknell Brigade, a group that supports a medical clinic in an area of Nicaragua that was ravaged by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Breeze also volunteers to help underprivileged preschoolers gain the skills and confidence needed to enter first grade through Head Start.

Encouraged by his experiences in the classroom and in the clinic, Breeze is looking ahead to medical school, where he hopes to train to become a pediatric cardiologist. Breeze continues to cite SEED Academy as a critical guiding force in his self-discovery.

“SEED opened my eyes to different fields that I had never heard of,” he says. “It helped me to really discover my passions.”

Breeze Victor is a 2010 alum of SEED Academy and a junior at Bucknell University. His younger brothers Fax and Love are students in SEED and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program, respectively.